What to do if you want to come to a class?
There is no need to book classes, just come along to the one that suits your schedule that week. Classes are just over one hour. We combine a fitness warm up, conditioning and stretching, then on to martial arts techniques, and bring in self-defence too.
Do I need to be fit?
Don't worry about your fitness level, everyone starts at their own pace, and builds up according to their individual abilities.
What should I wear?
Wear track suit bottoms, t-shirt and trainers, and bring some water with you too.
Are there any age limits?
Our starting age is from around 5 years, and we have students as mature as 65! However, we do take children from 41/2 onwards, depending on their physical abilities and focus. The best thing to do, is to come to a children's class and he/she can try it out. However, please be advised that we only allow membership for under five's at the discretion of the instructor.
How do I become a member?
If you are interested in membership, the best thing to do is to come down and try a class. If you like it, ask the instructor for membership details.
Do you do any sparring in the classes?
Once you have joined sparring is an option at classes. Sparring is with light contact, full protective equipment and under full supervision....
Do you have children's classes?
The children's classes are great for building confidence, fitness and self-esteem, and we cover things like "stranger-danger", first aid, respectful behavior - and emergency procedures - all good skills in today's competitive world.