Master and Chief Instructor 8th Degree Black Belt

Tony Lloyd is one of the most experienced and innovative artists in this country. With over 45 years of experience, an 8th degree black belt, a Master of many different martial arts styles, and a former international champion, he has trained government officials, armed forces, police, TV presenters and numerous celebrities.

His unique skills combine fitness, martial arts and life coaching. Influenced by the teachings of Bruce Lee, his philosophy is not just about defending and shaping the body, it is also about focusing the mind.

As a nine-year-old boy, Tony Lloyd was attacked and that day changed the rest of his life.
Tony's story: "I was playing in a pond near my home in Roehampton, London, with my friends, and we were fooling around on some rafts we had just made. A friend and I fell in the water, and after wading out soaking wet, a man grabbed me and beat me up. It had such a psychological effect on me that I decided that it would never happen again."