A black belt is a white belt, that didn’t give up!

Welcome to Fighting Fit

Martial Arts & Self-Protection

for all ages.

Master Tony Lloyd 8th Degree Black Belt and founder,

started teaching in South London in 1973.

Throughout the years, a reputation of excellence and high standards has been developed which he is incredibly proud of.

Taking inspiration from his hero Bruce Lee, Master Lloyd pulled apart the traditional techniques he learnt from different styles to create his own interpretation which works well whatever your fitness level, age, or body type.

Hence the birth of Seal Lung (or Little Dragon) Fighting Fit Martial Arts Schools.  This is a modern, and effective self-defence and mixed martial arts system that takes elements from many different martial arts including Wing Chun Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Ju-Jitsu, Kenpo and Hapkido.

Why Choose Us?


Master Tony Lloyd continues to develop Seal Lung through a lifetime’s dedication to martial arts and self-protection.

A logical and progressive grading system for Kickboxing and Kung Fu is in place which allows students to progress at their own pace whilst developing their skills and knowledge. This includes practical self-defence techniques; all students are rewarded for their hard work and dedication and are graded as they progress.

We offer dedicated children’s martial arts classes for ages 4 and above in a safe and positive environment.

Fighting Fit is proud to be one of the most recognised and respected martial arts schools in London. Seal Lung is truly a system for the modern martial artist.


What Our Students Are Saying

The instructors are extremely approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. The system is very relevant for today in terms of skills, competitions, self defence and offers different martial arts within the same club. Students and instructors are respectfull and its a great place to get fit, learn a martial art and self defence. Great for kids, woman and men of any fitness or skill level. A lot of families also attend, perfect distraction from the phone or tablet!

Steve Bay

Student's Father

The instructors are helpful and encouraging, I am middle-aged, overweight and not very fit but never feel embarrassed because of the welcoming ethos. Tony has always been very encouraging and supportive, he loves getting people fitter and giving them the skills to defend themselves.

Briony Mwakalenga

Helping to make me strong and confident. The instructors are really friendly and encouraged me do do my best.

Travis Van Niekerk

Super friendly instructors, the sessions are fun & full of life, all the kids enjoy it, my two kids were shy and lacking confidence but now I see a lot of improvement, will definitely recommend FIGHTING FIT to my friends & family


My fitness has greatly improved, my confidence boosted, met new people and Im learning how to look after myself in this ever changing world. Recently Ive started going twice a week


I remember doing Seal Lung Kung Fu back in the 80’s and watched this system grow into Fighting Fit, covering a large area of the SW of London. It now has students across the globe. Over the years I have been a student, supporter, and now a 5th Dan instructor in Zenkwu Do Martial Arts.  I still do Fighting Fit, working with its founder, Tony Lloyd, and his great team of instructors.  It helps me to keep fit and not fat as I’m now approaching my 60’s, and focus on running my charity, supporting my large family and church. 

I would recommend Fighting Fit to anyone thinking of doing Martial Arts, especially families. Tony has developed Fighting Fit in a way that it caters for the whole family. I have seen many students develop into Black Belts and some go on to become instructors.  The proof of a good martial arts system is its ability to adapt.  I have never known anyone that can adapt to many challenges like Mr Tony Lloyd.  He truly believes in “being the best he can be,” and teaches his students and instructors to do the same. 

Fitzroy Dawson

I have been trained by Mr Lloyd and other Fighting fit Instructors and I have received my Blue belt in Kick boxing. In the Past ten years I haven’t trained martial arts.

Last year December, I was in the Maldives on holiday, travelling in the back of an electric buggy. As the buggy is electric it accelerates fast I fell of the buggy head first.

Part of the training, we had been thought how to fall down safely by putting our shoulders first that way you don’t break your neck and avoid head injury. When I was falling down, i instinctively remembered the training and fell down with my shoulders first and rolled over. Without training I would have ended up with a life threatening very severe injury in a foreign country.

After that accident, my daughter, myself , my niece and my nephew started training with Mr Lloyd again.

From my personal experience I highly recommend training with Mr Lloyd as it saved my life. We are blessed to learn from Mr Lloyd.

– KR Krish

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