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Fighting Fit has been teaching the public martial arts, self-protection, and fitness globally for over 40 years. Chief instructor and founder of Fighting Fit, Master Tony Lloyd (8th-degree black belt ) offers Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Self-Protection, Group Fitness and one-to-one Personal Training.

Seal Lung is very pratical and street wise with techniques designed to disable an assailant / attacker with a few simple moves.  This system was specifically designed to adapt to everyone’s abilities and needs, whatever they may be.

All techniques are tried and tested under pressure and work in real life situations.

Classes are fun and led by expert Instructors, suitable for men, women and children.  Students find through attending classes they develop their confidence and self belief, increase their fitness levels and learn skills to defend themselves.  All Fighting Fit Instructors are highly experienced, well trained, enhanced DBS checked and Insured.
Our syllabus and class structure is certified by leading Martial Arts Organisation NAKMAS.

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“Seal Lung – the art of practical self-defence and fitness “

The techniques we teach use the speed, weight and strength of the attacker against themselves, so it doesn’t matter how big or strong they may be. Because of this, they are suitable for all ages and abilities. Students learn how to use a minimal amount of effort for the maximum effect.

The system we teach provides people with the skills they need to defend themselves from most types of attacks.  E.g.  barehanded, kicks, weapons (knife, bottle, gun, stick) whilst sitting, standing, face to face, side to side, and or on the ground, even how to defend yourself from multiple attackers.


Effective techniques can be learned and perfected at our martial arts classes.

Master Lloyd and his team of highly qualified instructors have provided self-protection training to the Police, the Armed forces, Security staff, Nurses, and even Nuns. We can provide tailor-made courses for businesses and organisations from a short one-off course to regular multi-day events.

Taking a self-defence course or learning self-protection with Fighting Fit helps to give you peace of mind.  Students learn techniques that give them the confidence to defend themselves in any situation.

We teach these techniques as part of our martial arts lessons, plus self-defence courses for members and non-members at locations around South London and can design tailor made courses for businesses and other organisations.


How quickly someone reacts to an attack is critical. Everyone experiences shock as the stress hormones are released into our systems, this is normal.  We teach students how to control the shock and stress of the attack as quickly as possible and to react positively with instinct.

Our specific self-defence for children gives them the skills to defend themselves against attack and unwanted advances from other children and adults.

Seal Lung incorporates anything that works on the street, in the martial arts schools as well as keeping you in great shape. If it works, we incorporate it into the system.


Personal Training

That guarantees results!

Learn fast and at a time that suits you

Examples of the type of one to one training we do

  • Martial arts (Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Kali, Boxing, Karate, Aikido, Weapons)
  • Self Defence (Self-protection, Street Self Defence, Personal Protection, Weapons)
  • Cardiovascular / Fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Body Toning and Shaping
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Functional Training
  • Flexibility
  • Kettlebells
  • Agility
  • Sports Specific
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Fight / Competition Training, Prep, Strategy


 One to one personal training offers the fastest way for you to reach your goals whatever they may be. Fighting Fit is ready to provide you with dedicated one to one attention and focus on your martial arts, self- protection, and individual fitness training needs.

Whether you are new to martial arts or exercise, you need a bit of extra motivation or are training for an event or special occasion, we will deliver a tailor-made program that ensures you achieve your goals safely, efficiently and faster than you thought possible.

Let us help you reach your goals faster than you thought possible. Sessions are held at our fitness studios in Wimbledon and Morden, outdoors, or at your home, whatever suits you. We work around your needs and schedule.


All personal trainers are insured, enhanced DBS checked, and highly experienced.

One-to-One, small group or corporate classes

Corporate Training and Team Building

Do your employees travel late at night on their own?

Are they safe?

What would happen if they were attacked while travelling back from work late?

Would you lose money if they are unable to work?

Protect yourself and your staff with our structured self-defence courses available for groups of people or on a one to one basis.

Simple self-defence is easy and quick to learn and is highly effective.

Whatever your requirements we can tailor make a programme to meet your needs. With our team of friendly, enthusiastic, qualified and experienced martial arts instructors, our courses are great for team building, self confidence and improving fitness/health.

Advice, guidance and support is given from the basics of nutrition to daily exercise habits, to help employees improve their everyday life, which in turn will improve their productivity at work.

We offer great prices for Companies, bringing on-site fitness and self-protection to you.

Employer and Employee wellness used to mean just having a gym in the office or posters on walls to encourage people to use the stairs.

Now more and more companies are utilising our services for workers to get in better shape, and adding in incentives to keep key staff motivated. 

Fighting Fit believe everyone has the right to a safe existence within their environment.


We run many different courses throughout the year from:

  • First Aid.
  • Weapons Training.
  • Adult & Children’s self-protection training.
  • Instructor Training
  • Close Protection Training.


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Professional Security Services 

Fighting Fit offer static, active and responseive security solutions in and around London, the UK and abroad. 

All our team are SIA licensed, professional, experienced and have an excellant command of the English language.

All our security team’s have had Martial Arts training and experience so are therfore able to deal with potentially difficult or dangerous situations discreetly, effectively and within the law.


  • Bar/club licensed premises
  • Private parties / function’s / events
  • Residential and corporate property guardians/house sitting
  • Alarm response
  • Retail security
  • Home alarm/security consulting
  • Executive car hire and chauffeuring
  • Individual and VIP protection
  • Undercover / surveillance / covert assignments
  • CCTV and alarm installations
  • Key guarding / K9 Section
  • Minding / chaperoning
  • Emergency response
  • Security/safety consultation and advice.



Security Consultancy

Fighting Fit also offer self-protection and conflict management training for security staff and teams.  

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