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Self-Defence Classes for Children

Fighting Fit have been teaching martial arts and fitness to children of all abilities aged 4 and upwards for over 45 years.  During that time our highly trained and friendly instructors have encouraged, nurtured and coached thousands of children from all walks of life to become healthier, fitter and more confident. Additionally, children become more disciplined whilst learning important life skills that will empower and improve their lives and futures.

Simply put, martial arts, is a tool for developing human potential, children can and do benefit hugely from martial arts.

Gain new Skills

At Fighting Fit we encourage children to respect fellow students and Instructors, to learn self-control, have integrity, good manners, and to work hard.

Our structured grading system in Kung Fu and Kickboxing rewards student’s concentration, discipline and hard work.  Children quickly develop self-confidence and social skills as they master the techniques and progress at their own pace through the grades under the expert guidance of their Instructors.

All our instructors are Enhanced D.B.S checked, highly experienced, friendly, approachable and first aid certified. Children aged 4 and above are welcome at selected classes.

All our class structure is certified by leading martial arts organisation NAKMAS www.nakmas.org.uk

You can be sure you children are in safe hands and training with the best.

Benefits for children

  • Improved confidence
  • Discipline
  • Development of integrity and good core values
  • Respect and manners
  • Character building
  • Social and communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Ability to deal with bullies and unwanted attention safely without fighting
  • Improved fitness and health
  • Effective self-defence technique learned
  • Make new friends meet new people
  • Children rewarded for hard work and achievements
  • Improvement in concentrating and focus
  • Have fun in positive encouraging environment
  • Keeps children on a positive path with direction and structure
  • Great way to channel energetic and challenging children


Safely equip your children with the skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive world.