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Ed Mitchell



 Personally Martial Arts have brought me all the best things I have in my life, a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. Martial arts keep me healthy happy and full of energy.

I want our students to achieve greater confidence in themselves through training and then they can achieve anything.

Fighting Fit has an ongoing pursuit of excellence in Martial Arts with very high standards. In Fighting Fit there are no egos, just good people, this comes down through the ranks from the top. Mr. Lloyd is the most down to earth person I know.

My ambitions are to grow as a Martial Artist with Fighting Fit, to go up through the Degrees, and to keep learning other Martial Arts.


Ed’s expertise also includes 2 years of training in Wing Chun (kung fu), Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Boxing, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Complementary training includes yoga to improve flexibility and strength of mind, and Reiki to the second degree, to aid in self-healing and healing of others.

As well as being committed to martial arts, Ed’s full-time job profession is as a carpenter.

Comments Ed, “I have been teaching martial arts since gaining my brown and white belt in 2003. I’m confident in teaching all ages and anything ranging from fitness, sparing, weapons, kickboxing, kung fu or just fun martial arts games.

Since I was young, like a lot of people, I have always wanted to train in martial arts, especially kung fu. So as soon as I came to London I looked for a martial arts school in yellow pages. Fighting Fit looked like the best one for training in Kung Fu. I rang Mr Lloyd, arranged to meet him and started training one-to-one with him a few days later.

Training always makes me feel good about myself. I love teaching to see the students gain confidence and inner strength which is exactly what I gained from Fighting Fit.

From being a student, becoming an instructor was a natural progression I had and still do have an excellent teacher in Mr. Lloyd and I want to do for other people what Mr. Lloyd has done for me.

What Students Are Saying

The instructors are extremely approachable, knowledgeable and friendly. The system is very relevant for today in terms of skills, competitions, self defence and offers different martial arts within the same club. Students and instructors are respectfull and its a great place to get fit, learn a martial art and self defence. Great for kids, woman and men of any fitness or skill level. A lot of families also attend, perfect distraction from the phone or tablet!

Steve Bay

Student's Father

The instructors are helpful and encouraging, I am middle-aged, overweight and not very fit but never feel embarrassed because of the welcoming ethos. Tony has always been very encouraging and supportive, he loves getting people fitter and giving them the skills to defend themselves.

Briony Mwakalenga

Super friendly instructors, the sessions are fun & full of life, all the kids enjoy it, my two kids were shy and lacking confidence but now I see a lot of improvement, will definitely recommend FIGHTING FIT to my friends & family