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  • All rules are to be adhered to always.

Courtesy and respect must be shown to all Instructors, other students including spectators and others within the vicinity.

Listen to your Instructor as this will help you to achieve maximum progress and help avoid injury to yourself and others.  Never answer your teacher back and always follow his / her every instruction, even though it may not be to your liking.  The instructor’s word is final and must be obeyed.  This must also be remembered when out of the training environment and carried on into your home life, respect and listen to your parents and family, also your school, respect and listen to your teachers and friends. Your Martial Arts training extends to all areas of your life as you grow.

  • All members MUST wear full uniform with SEAL LUNG logos at all classes. (Minimum uniform for kickboxing, t-shirt, trousers, and belt, and for Kung-Fu, Gi jacket, trousers, and belt) Protective equipment must be worn when sparring. White socks to be worn with martial arts trainers (with no laces) The school reserves the right to refuse admission or to terminate the training of any pupil who is continually late for class, unsuitably dressed, disrespectful, or whose behaviour is detrimental to the standards of the school or brings the school into disrepute.
  • Pupils using foul language, fighting, stealing, or vandalising will be instantly dismissed.
  • Show your respects (i.e., Bow) when either entering or leaving the class, and to your instructor before and after a demonstration, and to your partner before and after practice.
  • When Instructors are either showing a technique or explaining a drill etc, students are to pay attention in easy stance or sitting quietly.
  • No jewellery is to be worn in class, this is to avoid injury to yourself and other students.
  • We take safety very seriously at Fighting Fit; therefore, we will not be held responsible for any accidents or injuries caused by any protective equipment or uniform Not supplied by us.
  • Monthly payments are to be paid by bank transfer on the 1st of each month, these can also be paid by Credit / Debit card or Cash.
  • When you join Fighting Fit, you will receive, your grading card with your Licence inset, your Membership and Payment cards, plus plastic wallets to keep them in and a letter explaining how to use them, please read this as it is very important. Your Licence will have to be renewed yearly, if you should lose this at any point, the charge for a replacement is £25.00. So, keep it safe!!
  • All students MUST bring and show their Membership and Payment cards at each training session wherever they are training………. failure to do so will result in the student being charged £20.00 for the session or being turned away.
  • No food / sweets etc are to be brought or eaten throughout your training session, you will be given water breaks. You are expected to take your training seriously so pay good attention and concentrate on what you are learning so…… no talking or chewing, this is also extended to visitors and spectators.
  • Never lose your temper whatever the circumstances. An attitude of sportsmanship is strongly emphasised: Students are encouraged to create a friendly and happy atmosphere in the class and to train with the spirit of comradeship. Students should train not only their bodies to achieve health and strength but also their spirit to attain a high moral standard.
  • Maintain personal hygiene, this includes your uniform. Keep your nails cut to a practical length, and if you have long hair……tie it back. Cleanliness is essential, and all students are expected to keep themselves tidy, wear a clean ironed uniform and clean protective equipment.
  • When given free practice, use this time to improve any part of the art that you find troublesome or difficult. During freestyle (Unless otherwise officially instructed), NEVER attack the back, the groin, the knees or elbows.  Also, never use the Tiger Claw, Dragon tooth strikes, hook kicks or spinning Back Fist strike.  Visitor and beginners will only be allowed to spar with an instructor as available and gloves only will be provided.  
  • Students will be given homework occasionally; they are expected to complete it within the assigned time.
  • The instructor is there to teach you and to answer your questions, however, if your question is not related to the class or training, please wait until the end of the class to ask a higher-grade student.
  • Whilst training is in progress, students should remain quiet and attentive. Follow your instructor’s direction, this will help you to achieve maximum progress and avoid injury.
  • Exercise discretion when explaining to others about SEAL LUNG / FIGHTING FIT. Do not provoke ill feeling or rivalry with others or students from other schools and NEVER abuse your ability on anyone at any time!
  • Once your instructor has confirmed you are ready to Grade, the paperwork must be handed in within 7 (Seven) days before the actual Grading date, so the examination schedule can be verified.
  • Any person wishing to watch a class with thoughts of joining Fighting Fit, must first ask the instructor. On being given permission, please adhere to the no Food etc rule and sit quietly. You may watch for one session only, after that you will be expected to participate.
  • There is no filming, or any recording allowed by students or anyone else outside of Fighting Fit to be done without the strict knowledge of our Chief Instructor Master Tony Lloyd. This also includes all social media whilst wearing Fighting Fit Uniform or any Logos to do with Fighting Fit.
  • Due to health and safety rules at the venues we use, parents / guardians and or friends are not permitted as on lookers throughout the class, in most venues there are coffee and seating areas to wait.
  • If you should have any reason to complain, please speak to your instructor first, if the problem is not resolved, then please contact Master Tony Lloyd either by phone or in person and then in writing.

24       These rules must be adhered to always, for personal safety and to keep the school in smooth working order.  Disciplinary action could be taken at any violation of the above rules.  Intentional disobedience could result in suspension or expulsion from the school.  Discipline is an essential part of Martial Arts, and if you do not observe our rules, you may not be welcome into the school and your membership may be revoked.