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        Tony LLoyd

Master and Chief Instructor 

8th Degree Black Belt

My Story.

My Mission.

I was nearly 9 years old and playing with my friends on Wimbledon Common when we fell into a pond. As I came out of the water I was grabbed by an unknown male who punched me in my stomach. I cried out and ran home crying.

In my room, through my tears, I decided that I was going to learn how to protect myself against grown-ups. The following day I borrowed a book from the library on Judo and began practicing in my room. My mother enrolled me in a Judo club as I got better. I moved to a Karate club and trained up to my Black Belt. I went on to learn other Martial Arts ie: – Kempo, Aikido, Kung Fu, and Ju-Jitsu. If there was a club around, I went to it, if my club was closed I would go to another one close by. It became an obsession, I was not going to be in a position where I could not defend myself ever again!

Master Tony Lloyd

At 15, I put on a play at school, an adaptation of the film ” King Boxer”. The Play was so successful, pupils asked them if I could teach them Kung fu. I was able to use the School Hall at lunchtimes where pupils and teachers would attend. Some asked for individual self-defence lessons and paid me in sweets. From the age of 15 I have always taught Kung Fu and other Martial Arts and at the age of 18 years old Seal Lung was Created. The following year I joined the police as a Special Constable, which led me to study Law from the age of 26 for 3 years.

Another event which contributed to my journey was when my brother got attacked close to the Martial Arts Schools I used to run for the NHS at Charing Cross Hospital. I was on my way home after class and one of the students caught up with me and said “Tony, your brother is being beaten up. I rushed to the pub where a few men confronted me, and I got hit from behind with a chair! I defended myself using my Martial Arts training as the fight escalated and a brawl broke out throughout the pub. Luckily both my brother and I were ok. Rumours started circulating about the attack and as rumours go, it became more aggrandised each time the story was retold.

The following week my class was Packed!

Master Lloyd has developed Seal Lung through a lifetime’s dedication to Martial Arts and self defence. As the result of this, it is now one of the fastest growing styles of Martial Arts in the UK.

By focusing on the effective defence, sparring and fighting techniques that give immediate benefit and effect, Seal Lung has moved from being a niche Kung Fu style into a modern mainstream system. This provides both a powerful fighting form and a very accessible method of self-defence for everyone.


Are you ready?



 “Martial Arts will get you in better shape, physically and mentally, faster than any other fitness form, because it is all about assertive exercise. When you train in Martial Arts you practice punches and kicks, you do bag work and sparring, all of which require far greater energy input than ordinary aerobic activity, so the body changes shape and gets fitter, and tones up faster”

“My routines also help to relieve stress and release pent-up aggression after a hard day at work. There is nothing like taking out your frustrations on a punching bag! Also, I tailor my routines to my clients’ particular needs and incorporate self-defence with techniques from Karate, Kung Fu, and Aikido. And for people who like to progress their training to an advanced stage, we offer a grading system too.”

 “I teach using the confidence pyramid process. It works by confronting people with their greatest fear; for many this is the fear of personal injury.

By overcoming this fear by learning martial arts you will have the confidence to tackle lesser fears, those further down the pyramid – fear of failure, fear of the boss, dogs, spiders, and so on…”

Testimonial By Steve Ray

“I have trained with Tony since the early 90’s and over the years I have developed from unfit rank beginner to a Senior Instructor with numerous black belts in different arts.

My job (and at times private life) has been stressful, draining, demanding and high pressure.  Training with Tony I developed many new skills beyond kicking and punching, as well as constructive release of stress or frustration – giving me a clearer mind after every session.

The Martial Arts has been a constant source of strength, energy, positivity and inner confidence allowing me to deal with many challenging situations.  It has brought so many benefits beyond the physical there’s too many to list but I can say it’s now a way of life and core to my happier existence and successes.  There’s no doubt I have done and tried many more new things over the years than I would have otherwise without the confidence and skills gained.  In a few instances it has actually been a genuine life saver!

Over the years Tony has been a great listener and supporter.  His advice has always been sound but more importantly it is the ability to open up and talk to him honestly and without fear of judgement, he quickly becomes ones confidant.  This is one of the many reasons I now consider Tony as more than my martial arts instructor, he is a valued friend too.”

Steve Ray

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